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. >> wrapped in a two-year contract he watched his friends trade up to the newest phones from apple to samsung. >> they usually ask, why do you still have a blackberry? >> it accounts for 2% of the market and the ceo is determined to change that. >> we are used to competition. we have to innovative. >> after launching in europe, blackberry 10 is now in the u.s. it looks like the touch screen competitors. >> i actually real like it. i think blackberry has done a good job. it feels comfortable. >> jessica was enthusiastic with b the new touch keyboard and slick cancer camera and online show of new apps. >> latest blackberry has all the trappings of smart phone but the question is, is it enough to save the company? >> right now i think they are trying to prove they aren't dead. >> are they? >> they aren't dead yet. >> blackberry has no shortage of former users. >> blackberry wouldn't work in my own house but this one does. >> what would it take you to win you back? >> i don't know that is possible. >> i don't think they are going to get anybody that likes their iphone or android phone to switch o
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1